Become a foster parent.
Change a life. Including your own.

Approximately 7,000 Kansas children are in foster care.
They need you to provide a temporary home—a place where they will be safe and loved.

Steps to becoming a foster family

Step 1:

Complete a TIPS-MAPP training course. The Trauma Informed Partnering for Safety and Permanence Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting course is designed to ensure individuals and families make an informed decision about becoming a foster parent.

Step 2:

Obtain a sponsoring child placing agency. There are many agencies throughout the state of Kansas who can support your family and the children in need of care. Foster Kansas Kids will help match you with the right agency based on your location and the needs of the child or children you’re interested in fostering.

Step 3:

Get licensed through the Kansas Department for Children and Families. In order to complete your licensing, you will need to complete training in First Aid, Medication Administration and Universal Precautions. The licensing process also consists of several home visits.

You don’t know what being alone is like.
Or being scared is like. You’ve never had to pick
yourself up after being knocked down.
You never played a board game or ran through a sprinkler.
You couldn’t relate to a child in foster care. Could you?

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I don’t want you to show me life isn’t all bad. I don’t
want you to show me what it means to be a family.
I don’t want you to give me hope. I don’t want any of it.
But I need all of it.